Meet Kathy

As a young girl, I remember our "family dog" was always just a presence around the house. Unlike today we didn't take our dog on outings and we rarely took them for a walk as we resided in the country. Too me, our family dog was my playmate, friend, and confidant. As a young girl, I can recall interacting with our family dog allowed me to be my true-self and through out my life I have experienced the positive impacted this has had on me as an individual.  Helping me feel confident in who I am and overcoming the obstacles that sometimes get in our path to achieving what we want. This relationship with the many dogs' that have been a part of my life has made it possible for myself, along with my family to be able to offer you Maple Hill Canine Centre.

The services, products and care that we offer at Maple Hill Canine Centre is our way of giving back to our pets all that they give to us every day unconditionally.

Knowing the importance of my own dogs as part of my family, we understand your pets are just as important to your family and so we care for them as we care for our own!

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About our boarding facility.

Family owned and operated, providing your pets a "Home Away From Home!"

Our boarding facility, is designed to allow us to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy environment for your pet to enjoy. The floors are surfaced with a product that provides traction and inhibits the growth of bacteria. In the reception area, the walls and furniture are washable, which allows us to invite our guests to join us for some TLC while they are enjoying their staying.

Our guests are accommodated in our individual indoor/outdoor runs. The inside run measures 4ft x 6ft with 7ft partitions (4ft solid and 3ft chain link), access to the outdoor run is by way of a dog door operated by pulleys. The outdoor run measures 4ft x 12ft with 8ft chain link partitions, wire mesh over the top and roof coverage to allow for the dogs to stay out of the weather if they wish to be outside.

We offer our guests quality treats to keep them busy when the weather does not allow for long periods of time outdoors. Yak cheese, chews provide health benefits, treat filled Kongs and frozen raw treats (owner's permission) too! For our chewing champions, we have natural frozen marrowbones, hooves, antlers and gorilla wood. We always ensure that we monitor the duration of time your dog has with these treats.

Outdoor activity are offered as off-leash exercise yard, leash walks along the roadway, field and trail walks on the longline, to all guests for a minimum twice a day.

The exercise yard of 5,000 square feet is enclosed with 6-8 foot high fences. Allowing our guests to have lots of space to interact for the iOur exercise yard of 5,000 square feet of space, enclosed with 6ft & 8ft high fencing. This allows our visiting dogs to have ample space for outdoor time.

We provide exercise yard, leash walks, longline field and trail walks to all our guests minimum twice a day. These activities are offering depending on the dogs and/or owners preference, individually or as part of a group.

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We can be pretty busy in the pool or tending to the dogs, but we will always get back to you!