A Fun and Safe sport for all dogs! Let's put those muscles too work!

We have been very busy this summer with all our guests. We have made some changes to our outdoor space. In the outdoor area for our smaller guests, we have expanded the size of the fenced area, laying artificial turf surrounded with crushed gravel, that has drainage to allow us to rinse the area routinely with biodegradable antibacterial, fungal and parasitic solution to maintain a healthy and safe environment during these busy summer months.

In our main outdoor large area, we have also put down some artificial turf, along with crushed gravel, improving the drainage to allow us to also rinse this area routinely as we do with our smaller outdoor area, and to ensure our rainwater drains away as soon as possible to allow for a dry area for our dogs to play safely. We have also installed an outdoor pool, roughly 6 feet x 6 feet and just over a foot deep. This pool is emptied and refilled daily, to allow our guest to cool off but to also do our best to eliminate any health risks.

We have also purchased some weight pulling equipment and have begun learning ourselves and introducing our own dogs and some of our regular guests to the sport of weight pulling. Wearing a harness designed specifically for this sport and pulling a cart that fits the UKC regulations, we have seen many dog's eagerly participate in this activity.

We hope to offer our 1st Learn to Pull seminar next month. Stay tuned for our upcoming announcement!

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