Canine Conditioning

Fitness and conditioning programs can take place in the pool or on the ground

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Canine Fitness & Conditioning

Having completed 6-months and with only 6-months left, to obtaining Certification as a Canine Athlete Specialist, I am excited to be able to offer individual fitness and conditioning programs, using not just gym equipment!

We have installed fitness equipment at our canine centre located in Hero’s Shed, offering a separate area indoors with minimal distractions for your dog, allowing them to maintain focused on the task they are working on. Fitness is not only a fun activity for your dog, but also very beneficial. Supporting mobility, strength and muscle growth, building confidence, trust and respect for both people and themselves.

A few gym items: Bosu Ball, Wobble Board, Tunnel,Stability/Balance Ball and many more.


  • Intro To Swim & Gym $65
  • Fit Swim Session $35
  • Gym Fitness Session $35
  • Conditioning Session $35
Programs For Sport and/or Working Dogs Available


・Personalized programs to target specific areas, such as, core, hips, wrists, etc.
・Strengthening and building muscle
・Awareness of hind end
・Non-weight bearing strengthening
・Confidence Building
・Improving relationship between owner and dog

What we offer:

  • Balance equipment
  • Stability equipment
  • Indoor heated pool
  • Water exercises and activities
  • Treadmill
  • Other
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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾My dog is very high energy and challenging to focus, can they still do fitness?

Yes. High energy is a good trait for dogs who participate in fitness. We sometimes forget that our dogs not only have physical energy but also mental energy. By having your dog have to think about where they are placing their feet and positioning their body, works to relieve both physical and mental energy.

It is also good for the hard to motivate dog, as the success of accomplishing the activity is very motivating for the dog.