All dogs require some form of grooming. Short hair, long hair, double coat, non-shedding, and even the hairless, can benefit from a trip to the grooming salon! Why not end your dog's visit with a "relaxing" spa day? Leave the extra hair, dirt, and nails at our place! Because, what happens on the Hill stays on the Hill!

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Grooming Services

We are pleased to offer, a full-service grooming salon!

Kathy is currently working on completing her online schooling with ICS (International Career School of Canada)  to complement her experience with education specific to pet grooming. Kathy has been providing basic grooming services to the clients using Maple Hill Canine Centre for boarding services for the past few years.

Our grooming experience is a bit different than most... your dog usually arrives during our drop-off times 8:00 - 10:00 am, their grooming appointment begins with brushing their coat, to remove any mats, and excess hair. For our double coated breeds we will also use the blow dryer to assist with hair removal. Then we offer them some outdoor exercise, breaking up the grooming appointment. Once they have had some time outdoors, they are bathed and blow dried. For clients who take longer to dry, or are not able to stand for long durations, we let them rest in the crate with a blower to continue the drying process. We then finishing up the grooming appointment, allowing the owner to know their dog is ready. But not too worry, if you cannot come to retrieve your dog when notified, we can certainly accommodate your pup until you can arrive or until our evening pick-up times, 5:00 - 7:00 pm.

Appointments are available every Tuesday and Wednesday 10:00am - 5:00pm, and every other Friday. 10:00am - 3:00pm. Please let us know when booking your appointment when you would be dropping off and pickup up your pup.

Grooming appointments can be made online through our website.

Services & Prices:

  • Basic Pedicure $20 - Trim Nails, Clean Pads
  • Spa Pedicure $30 - Basic Pedicure plus clip/trim hair from between toes & bottom of pads
Bath, Blow Dry & Brush Out (Spa Pedicure, ear/eye cleaning & sanitary trim)

Small Dogs (less than 25lbs)

  • $35 Short Haired Breeds
  • $50 Long or Double Coated Breeds

Medium Dogs (25-50lbs)

  • $45 Short Haired Breeds
  • $65 Long or Double Coated Breeds

Large Dogs (50-90lbs)

  • $80 Short Haired Breeds
  • $95 Long or Double Coated Breeds

Giant Dogs (90-200lbs)

  • $105 Short Haired Breeds
  • $125 Long or Double Coated Breeds

Benefits of Regular Grooming:

  • Your dog becomes more comfortable with being groomed.
  • Can help prevent ear and eye infections.
  • Beneficial for dog's with allergies to have any irritants removed or to help soothe irritated skin.
  • Your dog's pads need to be in contact with the surface to ensure they have good traction, so ensuring the nails are kept at the appropriate length is important for mobility.
  • Decrease or eliminate matting of long haired breeds.

More Info:

  • De-Matting is not included and will be extra
  • Challenging dogs will also be an additional charge

Morning Drop off - Evening Pick up - $10 extra

We are still looking for grooming help! Please contact us if you are interested.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾My dog is very high energy and challenging to focus, can they still do fitness?

Yes. High energy is a good trait for dogs who participate in fitness. We sometimes forget that our dogs not only have physical energy but also mental energy. By having your dog thinking about where they are placing their feet and positioning their body, works to relieve both physical and mental energy.

It is also good for the hard to motivate dog, as the success of accomplishing the activity is very motivating for the dog.