Recreational Swimming

a fun and healthy activity for all dogs to enjoy.

dog hydrotherapy session

Recreational Swimming is a fun and healthy activity for all dogs to enjoy. Whether you wish to introduce your young puppy to the water, or teach your dog to swim, the pool environment creates a positive experience for all dogs!


  • Intro To Swim $50*
  • Swim Session/Lesson $35
  • 2-Dog Swim $60 (Individual 30-minute sessions)
  • Swim With Your Dog $45

Cancelations within 48 hours are non-refundable

Package Rates Available

*Please note that when your dog is attending their first swim at MHCC, they will go in the pool with only the certified therapist. Upon your dog’s reaction to the pool environment the therapist will let you know if you can join in for the remainder of the session or perhaps next time would be best. Our priority is ensuring our client’s both 2 and 4-legged have a positive experience and all efforts to prevent injury are taken.   


No other dogs around

Year round swimming

Great Structure

Weight Loss

Non weight bearing activity

Why it's good?

  • Relief of Pain, Swelling, and Stiffness
  • Muscle Strengthening
  • Increase Range of Motion
  • Promote Blood Circulation
  • Tissue Healing
  • Gait Modification
  • Cardiovascular Fitness
  • Faster Recovery from Injuries
  • Alleviation of Muscle Spasms
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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾 Dogs that are diagnosed with incontinence, are they able to participate in hydrotherapy?

Yes. We ask that you do not feed your dog within 2 hours of their hydrotherapy session and make attempts to offer them time to relieve themselves after they have arrived at our facility. All dogs with incontinence are required to wear a diaper. We have diapers available in some sizes if you do not have your own.

🐾 Do you offer hydrotherapy services for dogs that have behavioural concerns?

Yes. We will always attempt to offer our hydrotherapy services to all dogs. We try to accommodate handling the dog’s as they feel comfortable. We have worked with dogs, that wear muzzles and head halters in the pool for the safety of the therapist and the dog.

🐾 My dog has allergies that causes skin irritations, can they still go in the pool?

We make every attempt available to eliminate possible irritants from the pool. Our pool water is balanced using the Clear BlueMineral Ionizer. Mineral pools need to maintain a chlorine level of 0.1 – 0.5ppm (saltwater pool 10 ppm) and are shocked with a chlorine free product so you won’t smell any chlorine in our pool area. We also do regular testing for both E. coli and coliform bacteria, and pool chemistry daily, to ensure we maintain a safe, clean, and balanced pool, for your dog to enjoy.

🐾 My dog has been diagnosed with an injury and/or medical condition that is affecting their mobility, and surgery is scheduled for the future. Can my dog participate in hydrotherapy before surgery?

We always request vet approval when we are offering therapy to dogs with diagnosed mobility conditions. Approval is obtained by having us submit an electronic form to your dog’s vet clinic, at no charge to the client. If your dog has been approved to participate in hydrotherapy before surgery, we will certainly offer our services.

🐾 My dog has never liked swimming, can they still participate in hydrotherapy?

Yes. Of course, it is much easier when the dog likes swimming, but we have offered our hydrotherapy services to many dogs, who did not like swimming. Once the dog accepts being in the pool, and they feel the benefits from the hydrotherapy, they become much more willing to participate in the pool.

🐾 What do I need to bring to a swim session?

A towel or two. A toy that encourages your dog to participate. If your dog has food sensitivities, bring their treats. Any information we don’t have, that you feel is relevant to the dog’s reason for requiring hydrotherapy.

🐾Does my dog need to be clean?

We would prefer that your dog not have debris stuck in their coat, and not be covered in mud. They do not need to be recently groomed. We ask that you do not brush your dog’s coat, or clip your dog’s nails on the day of their hydrotherapy session.

🐾Do I need to bring a towel for my dog?

We do have towels to dry your dog off, but it is a good idea to bring your own, as you might want it for the drive home.