Relationship-based training programs offered according to the individual needs of our clients and their dogs.

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Our training is focused on building your relationship with your dog. We believe once you have a calm, confident, respectful, and trusting, relationship with your dog, training obedience skills becomes very easy, because you are now working with a dog that wants to please you.

We use the training tools the are suitable for the dog we are working with, educating our clients, that training tools are not for the purpose of being able to physically control your dog, this is not always possible given the size of some dogs. Our training tools are for the sole purpose of communicating to our dogs what we are asking of them.

Our training options are available as private, day board training, and board & train programs.


Assessment $75

Private Lesson $50 (Travel fee $25 applied to all off-site lessons)

Added to Boarding $25 (Leash manners, respectfully interacting with other dogs, does not address specific issues)

Day Board & Train $35 (drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening, while with us we focus on behaviours that were addressed in your dog's assessment, A minimum of 2 training sessions throughout the day)

Board & Train Programs (Minimum of 14-Day duration, pricing is based on the behaviours to address)


Relationship Remedy Seminar - Beyond Obedience

Animal Behaviour Institute

Certificate in Canine Training - Studying behaviour, enrichment, health conditions and nutritional needs of canines.

Certificate in Advanced Canine Training - Focuses on addressing challenging behaviours, reactivity and aggression.

Certified Canine Hydrotherapist

Certified Canine Massage Level 1

Canine Health & Nutrition - Studying the impact our dog's nutrition has on their overall health, as well as their behaviours.

Training Skills:

  • Leash Walking
  • Recall
  • Reactiveness
  • Socialization and/or Re-socialization

We work with all breeds, and sizes. As well as dog's who may be hearing and/or sight impaired.

We also offer E-Collar training, a great tool if used correctly. We think of stimulation as a form of correction, of which our dogs become fearful of. Stimulation is used as a method of communication with our dogs. Using an E-Collar of high quality, allows us to use stimulation both as communication and as correction, because the range on these collars is from 0-100, and various models, allows you to fit the right output E-Collar with the dog you are working with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾My dog is very high energy and challenging to focus, can they still do fitness?

Yes. High energy is a good trait for dogs who participate in fitness. We sometimes forget that our dogs not only have physical energy but also mental energy. By having your dog thinking about where they are placing their feet and positioning their body, works to relieve both physical and mental energy.

It is also good for the hard to motivate dog, as the success of accomplishing the activity is very motivating for the dog.