Dog Boarding

Our facility offers indoor/outdoor runs, off-leash exercise yard, experienced caregivers, all natural treats, feeding special diets, administering medications, accommodating all breeds and behaviours.

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Dog Boarding at Maple Hill Canine Center

It's a Dog's Life out here in the country! We love to be able to offer our guests a true country experience while they stay at our facility, involving them in our daily outdoor activities. We offer individual kennel runs for our guests, indoor runs have solid barriers with a dog door on a pulley that allows the dog to access the adjoining outdoor run. Providing as much outdoor time  as possible given the weather, we will leave the dog doors open to allow the dogs access to both inside and outside.

Our day involves preparing meals and offering fresh water twice a day, administering any medications or supplements if required, cleaning of the kennel runs inside and outside, removing soiled, wet, or dirty bedding and replacing with clean, dry bedding materials and offering the dogs a minimum of 2-outdoor interaction sessions.

Outdoor interaction may include, leash walks along the quiet country road, long line leash walks in the fields and on the trails, and off-leash yard time. We accommodate each individual dogs needs, everyone gets the opportunity to be outdoors and interacting with us or other dogs, whether individually or with a group.

Additional services we offer for our guest's during their stay include, fitness, training or swim sessions. We try to ensure we take photos and/or videos that we can share with our clients to let them see their dog's enjoying these activities while in our care. The fees for these services can be found at (website).

We board all breeds, as well as intact males and/or females. We do require the owner of intact females to provide us the last date of their heat cycle, to ensure that they will not be in heat or coming into a heat while boarding at our facility.

When our smaller guests are boarding at our facility, weoffer a separate small breed room, where we are able to install temporaryenclosures that we can reconfigure to accommodate the size and number of guestsstaying in the enclosure. These guests are let outside in an entirely enclosedarea that has roof coverage to keep our little guests out of the inclementweather.

Your dog has behavioural issues? No problem at all! Given our facility is family owned and operated, only knowledgeable and experienced caregivers will be interacting with your dog. We appreciate if the owner has the opportunity to visit our facility with their dog prior to their boarding stay.

We know how important it is for our dogs to maintain their regular diet while boarding, so we ensured that we are able to handle all types of meals, including those that need to be refrigerated, frozen, rehydrated, or mixed.

Our priority is ensuring your dog wants to return to visit us again in the future!


Day Boarding:

5 hours/$15

Full Day (8am-6pm)/$24

Overnight Boarding:

1 Dog $27/Day

2 Dogs $50/Day

3 Dogs or more contact us for pricing

Long Term Boarding

First 14 Days $27/Day - After 14 Days, $23/Day

Contact us for multiple dogs & long term boarding

Deposits for cancelations within 48 hours are non-refundable

Drop-off and Pick-up:

Monday - Friday:

Drop Off or Pick Up:
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

5:00 PM - 7:00PM


Drop Off or Pick Up:
8:00 AM - 10:00 AM


Drop Off or Pick Up:
5:00 PM -7:00 PM

Holiday Weekends

Drop Off or Pick Up:
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM (Mondays Only)


  • Dogs have their own safe place to relax
  • No sharing of water bowls or bedding
  • All group interactions are monitored by experienced staff
  • Solid barriers between kennel runs
  • No additional fees for outdoor recreation
  • No additional fees for medication administration
  • Dogs with health conditions or injuries fully cared for
  • Rural location just minutes from Highway 416
  • Add on services available

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Frequently Asked Questions

🐾 What type of cat litter do you use?

We use clumping, non-scented, cat litter, in a plastic short sided Rubbermaid bin.

🐾 What vaccines does my cat require to board at your facility?

We require all cats to have the core vaccines recommended by all veterinarians.

🐾 What vaccines does my dog require to board at your facility?

All dogs are required to have the core vaccines recommended by all veterinarians. For more information regarding the core vaccine requirements click here.

🐾 Why can we not drop-off or pick-up our dog throughout the day?

With people and dogs coming and going all day, it doesn't allow our dogs to have any quiet time. When some of our guests our intimidated by the noise it doesn't allow them any length of time to relax without being intimidated by the noise. It also means that we need to have someone at the kennel during the entire day, given we are family owned and operated with only 3-people handling your dogs, it doesn't allow us to go for long walks with your dogs.

🐾 My dog stayed for 3-nights but I was charged for 4-nights?

All kennels charge by the Day not the Night. So for example, if you drop your dog off on Friday at 5:00 p. m. this will count as 1-Day, so a stay from Friday to Sunday would include charges for 3-Days of boarding.

🐾 Does my dog need a kennel cough vaccine?

No we do not require the vaccine, but we do recommend that you get the vaccine as a preventative measurement.

🐾 Will my cat interact with other cats?

No we do not let cats interact with each other unless they are from the same household.

🐾 Will my cat be able to hear or see the dogs?

No your cat will not be able to hear or see the dogs in the kennel runs. They may however hear the dogs coming into the reception area, as they are very close to this area.

🐾 Can I bring their dog bed?

We recommend that you don't provide your dog with their bed from home, as we cannot guarantee it will stay clean or not get damaged. We offering bedding to the dogs, using blankets and large towels, as we can easily throw these items in the washer and drier and provide your dog with fresh, clean and dry bedding.

🐾 What do I need to bring with my dog?

We ask owners to bring their dogs diet, medication and anything that they feel might comfort their dog while boarding with us.

🐾 Do you board Cats?

Yes we do - please see our cat boarding page!